TEC CERTIFICATION (Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipments (MTCTE)

The approval is given to the Telecom equipment that will be interfaced with the Public Switched Network in India as per the TEC standards and specifications. Type Approval certificate is a technical compliance certificate to the GR for the specific category of equipment. The in-country testing is mandatory for granting the Type Approval certificate after meeting the documentation requirement and the eligibility criteria for the applicant..

Standards and Specifications

  • Fixed Line Access (FLA)
  • Information Technology (I)
  • Information Technology (I)
  • Switching (S)
  • Radio (R)
  • Transmission (T)
  • Network (N)
  • Mobile (M)

  • Issue of Generic Requirements (GR), Interface Requirements (IR), Service Requirements (SR) and Standards for Telecom Products and Services
  • The scope of certification would cover all types of telecom equipment to be sold in India for being connected or capable of being connected to Indian telecom network. The effective dates for certification becoming mandatory for different products is notified by the Government separately. For the purpose of clarity, Table-2 under Annexure-I indicates types of equipment not covered by mandatory testing. Further, list of equipment presently exempted from the requirement of mandatory testing under proviso to Rule 529 is given in Table- 3 under Annexure-I. Highly Specialized equipment, as notified by Government from time to time are not covered by MTCTE.
  1. General Certification Scheme (GCS) Type/ Interface Approval Certificate (TAC/ IAC)
  2. Simplified Certification Scheme (SCS)

The technical regulations prescribed under this framework are in the form of Essential Requirements. The Essential Requirements (ER) to be complied for the purpose of certification under this procedure will include following:

  1. EMI/ EMC : As prescribed by TEC
  2. Safety : As prescribed by TEC
  3. Technical requirements: As prescribed by TEC
  4. Other requirements: As notified by TEC/ DoT/ any Government Agency from time to time
  5. Security Requirements: As per notification issued by DoT.
Check List for Interface Approval Documents to be submitted:
  1. Forwarding letter (Sample).
  2. Template Form 'A'.
  3. Compliance Report as per TEC "IR" & TSTP (Sample).
  4. Industrial License/SSI Registration /Certificate of Incorporation / RBI Permission to open Branch Office, FIPB clearance as applicable etc.
  5. Foreign collaboration copy (if applicable).
  6. System specifications containing features and capabilities of the equipment put for approval.
  7. User's Operating Manual.
  8. Software and hardware installation guides. Systems support and maintenance guide.
  9. An Affidavit, attested by Notary Public for each model put for approval.
  10. Infrastructure Assessment Form for the product offered by the Manufacturer to the first time & Infrastructure Assessment shall be carried out for only Indian Manufacturers only.
  11. In case of traders, authorization letter from the manufacturer appointing him as trader for the product indicating the period of validity if fixed or open ended. MOU also required to be submitted if available.
  12. In case of trader/Branch Office declaration that he has Test and Repair facility for the product.
  13. EMC and EMI test results and test certificates from authorized accredited lab as per TEC IR, if applicable.
  14. Availability of Test Instruments and calibration certificates of those instruments need to be submitted to TEC.
  15. Each Page of the documents to be submitted should be stamped and signed by the authorized signatory.
Table : List of Equipment Covered by MTCTE
SR. NO. Name of Equipment Certification Scheme Product Fee Group
1 Executive Telephone System SCS A
2 NSD/ISD Payphone SCS A
3 Electronic Telephone Instrument SCS A
4 Key Telephone Systems SCS A
5 2-Line Feature Phone SCS A
6 Coin Box Telephone SCS A
7 Terminals for connecting to PSTN SCS A
8 CLIP Phone SCS A
9 Audio Conferencing Facility Device SCS A
10 Multi Line Telephone System SCS A
11 Group 3 FAX Machine SCS A
12 Modem SCS A
13 Cordless Phone GCS A
14 Point of Sales (POS) Terminal GCS A
15 GPON Equipment GCS B
16 DSL Equipment GCS B
17 IoT Gateway GCS B
18 Tracking Devices GCS B
19 Smart Electricity meter GCS B
20 Smart Watch GCS B
21 Smart Security Camera GCS B
22 Router GCS B
23 LAN Switch GCS C
24 Mobile Handsets and Dongles GCS C
25 Mobile BTS GCS C
26 Compact Cellular Network GCS C
27 Mobile Repeater GCS C
28 Microwave Communication Equipment GCS C
29 UHF/ VHF Communication Equipment GCS C
30 Mobile Radio Trunking System Equipment GCS C
31 Equipment Operating in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Frequency Bands GCS C
32 Satellite System equipment GCS C
33 IP Terminal GCS B
34 Media Gateway GCS C
35 Signalling Gateway GCS C
36 Session Border Controller GCS C
37 Soft Switch GCS C
40 Telephony Application Server GCS C
41 Telephony Media Server GCS C
42 Multiplexing Equipment GCS C
43 SDH Equipment GCS C
44 DWDM Equipment GCS C
44 Digital cross Connect GCS C

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